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Artcraft hinges and drawer tracks are top quality European-manufactured components that are easy to align and adjust. Care should be taken during installation to ensure that no dust or grit falls into the drawer tracks. The hinges and tracks are designed not to require oil or grease to continue proper performance: product testing standards exceed 100,000 openings – far beyond regular residential lifetime usage.

Wood doors and surfaces are finished with a hard-wearing catalyzed lacquer that chemically bonds to the surface and seals it to prevent penetration and damage by dirt, grease and common household chemicals.

To clean dust and dirt from surfaces, use a clean, soft, damp cloth and dry promptly with a second clean, soft cloth. Always wipe up spills promptly with a clean, soft cloth. To clean harder-to-remove dirt and grease, use a water-soluble, non-abrasive cleaning solution such as mild-soap or dishwashing liquid: use a clean cloth dampened with a solution of water and mild soap, rinse with a clean water-dampened cloth and dry immediately with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners, cleaners such as “Orange-Glo” or brushes or pads to clean your cabinetry. For stubborn, hard-to-remove grease, use a clean soft cloth dampened with a liquid cleaner such as Windex or mineral spirits.

Polishing is not required to maintain the natural luster of the finish and polishing materials of any kind. Waxes or chemical polishers such as Pledge may damage the surface by creating a sticky layer that attracts dirt and dust.

Lacquer, laminate and aluminum surfaces are hard-wearing and resistant to knocks, scuffs and common household chemicals. Cleaning directions are the same as for wood doors (see above). Avoid using abrasive cleaners and brushes/cleaning pads.

Exposure to excessive moisture is one of the most serious potential problems for any cabinetry. Spills should be cleaned up promptly with a clean, dry, soft cloth: wood surfaces in the kitchen should be treated with the same care as you would for any fine wood furniture.

Extremes in temperature and humidity can cause wood to expand and contract which may seriously damage your cabinetry. A stable, ambient humidity level of approximately 35% is recommended year-round which may require a dehumidifier or air conditioner be used in the summer months and a humidifier be used in the winter months in colder climates when central heating dries the air to dangerously low humidity levels.